With Smart-SilhouettesTM

What is hyper-targeting?

Hyper-targeting is a market strategy where a target customer is clearly identified to deliver extremely relevant messages in the places where they will most likely be able to receive it.

  • Buyer Persona
  • Segmentation
  • Geo-targeting
  • Re-marketing
Components of a successful hyper-targeting campaign
Silhouettes Defined

What is a Smart-Silhouette?

A Smart-Silhouette is a digital profile of a physical business that is created by tracing the precise boundaries of the location based on satellite images.

Reach audiences past social media and into the real world

140 Million Users Monthly
70% Smart-Silhoettes are automatically created
5 Million Smart-Silhoette locations
Traditional Geofencing
Traditional Geofencing

Area overlaps other completely unrelated stores

Smart-silhouettes effect

Only targets customers within the actual store

delivered on mobile

With vast reach and high-visibility

Use display and/or video assets to reach your audience on their mobile devices

Mobile Display

Mobile Display

Mobile Display Banners

Banners provide massive scale and are cost effective

Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Landing Pages offer additional engagement options for audiences

Mobile Landing Pages

Full-screen Video

Utilize sound and motion to engage your audience

Mobile Display