Cinema Advertising

Captivating eyes and minds simultaneously

cinema at a glance

1.3 Billion tickets sold 2018
11.93 Billion Box Office 2018
72% U.S. population attened at least 1 film
61% of U.S. audience was 18-59

engagement with lasting impact


72% of consumers can recall a cinema ad that they had been present for but completely ignored on television


Your message is guaranteed to be played straight through every-time. No DVR fast forward; No skip after x amount of seconds

Take Center Stage

Delivered on HD wall-to-wall sized screens with booming surround-sound. Highly immersive and highly focused

extend your market reach

social media engagement

Boost your cross channel strategy

Use movie theater advertising to Boost your social media presence
Rural and remote markets

Access hard-to-reach audiences/segments

hard to reach markets with cinema advertising
Word-of-mouth traction

Campaigns resonate further with positive weight

Optimize your campaign spend